Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LETS GO (Dance Version)

Absolutely amazing,
Loving the sound of the new single from The Dream Sequence called - Lets Go.

When i last spoke to Michael, he told me he was working on a new song that sounded different, and here it is.

From the soundcloud page =  An awesome song to start the year, The Dream Sequence is back with a wicked track... "Lets Go"
Robotic syths with a mind altering effect that sounds like nothing else...
Electronic drum machines linger in the background while the bass kicks you where it hurts... The dream is alive.


Holy shit, this is good, a little weird but good... Its so 80s (This video is from the U.K series "Hitman & Her")
Check out the original video -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMSap7ZbJA0

Soundcloud link = https://soundcloud.com/the-dream-sequence/the-dream-sequence-lets-go

I spoke to michael this morning about the new single = "Its meant to sound different, i don't want to sound mainstream, how boring would that be
You wont stand out if you sound the same as everyone else, and from what i can gather, i do things a little different to most artists anyway...
Some artists that claim to sound 80s (not all) use computer programs to make their noise, so in the end, all songs start sounding (well, to me) the same... Same bass arp sound, same synth sounds because their limited to a computer program, arrange it a bit and there's a track, next week another one and so on,. Don't get me wrong, if artists enjoy doing that, good for them but its not for me, its not the way i do things.

I record my sounds on a Vintage Yamaha tape deck from several synths like the Prophet, Jupiter 8v and in this song i used a Oberheim synth for the arp sounds. I record 'Bits' about 8 bars in length of sounds i like, lay down a beat using a drum machine and like a jigsaw puzzle, arrange the sounds to fit the beat, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't..but at least i know that i played the sounds, there sounds i like, not computer generated sounds.
At the end of the day, music listeners will either like my sounds or they won't... simple
but i enjoy making music and wont be stopping anytime soon"

Sounds interesting, can't wait to see whats around the corner...

cheers, Marty

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