Sunday, May 4, 2014


THIS WAS A SURPRISE.. I haven't heard from Michael for a few days and then BAM a new Song and Video.... Well , not really a new song... Let me Explain.

After we listened to Cyborg in Japan, Michael wasnt happy with it...He was upset about the robot beeps that is his words 'Sounded like shit' and messed up the overall sound so he re-edited it or in his words "Re-wired" and renamed the finished song MAN MACHINE.

SO whats changed?

I asked Michael.

"The crappy computer beeps are gone, the bass lines are more outstanding and the finish is different, i'm really happy with it and the video is really good. I wanted lasers but not too many and lots of lights, like something from a nightclub
Its Futuristic Dance meets Analogue Sounds...
Metallic beats, Robotic Organisms and 80s Analogue Synthesizers is what 'Man Machine' is about.
Did someone say ...ACID - the Roland 303 Synth also pays a visit...
This song will feature in the "Sounds Like the 80s" segment on blog site Electronic80s."

I think its possibly is the best song so far from THE DREAM SEQUENCE

I give MAN MACHINE a 10/10, an stunning visual experience with incredible dance beats...




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