Friday, June 13, 2014


While working on a new song, Michael (The Dream Sequence) got side tracked and while the beat was the same, the song isn't and its a ripper, i mean really good.
When Michael showed me the demo, i was like "this is good"...sounds awesome on a good set of headphones..


I asked Michael about the song TAKE ME HOME = "I love bass arps as much as the next person but i decided to run live... in other words play the drum beat which had already been programed for the song which i am currently working on (with a 3D feature) and i decided to kick some butt with a bass arp, this worked so i added 3 more layers to the somg, those being pad sounds from a Jupiter 8V, Crystal Bell sounds from a FM7 synth and lead sound from a Korg Monopoly....
I loved what i heard and while looking for a name, Take me Home came into my head, for some reason the song by Phil Collins "Take me Home" was also on my mind....
Strangely when looking for robot lyrics in my library, the TAKE ME HOME was already there, this had to be fate.. I thought.
All up this song took me about 1 hour to produce, the sound was already in my head, i just had to get it on tape...
And here's the finished product, i love listening to this song when walking, it gives me inspiration in what i can do as a musician and it sounds wicked on a good set of headphones".

This song is available on Bandcamp... CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Thanks for reading folks, hope you like the new song as much as i do



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