Friday, November 21, 2014


Demo track called SUMMER

I spoke to Michael (Dream Sequence) today, he said that this was just something he had in his computer and was going to delete it, but decided not to.
originally it was the track called Serenity but had a beat added to it... I always felt like it had something missing.. Michael said.

Meanwhile, Michael has told me that he is working on new material, and is putting in alot of time to get it right, sadly his health has been giving him grief so music time is cut short, that and the odd 40deg day (Its summer in Australia) doesn't help.

Michael said "I spent nearly a week perfecting a drum sound, its really good, im happy with it, got some great synth sounds and even some guitar riffs but its in pieces at the moment... Its even got a 3D synth sound in the middle 8 bridge part.. sounds amazing on headphones"

Michael also said that he has started to record everything in 24bit "that way when it comes to mastering, editing, it still holds its sound... just got to stick it together like a jigsaw puzzle"

Sounds interesting...



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