Saturday, April 19, 2014


ITS HERE.... The video for THE DREAM SEQUENCE new song CYBORG IN JAPAN - The Dub Version.
Its a reworked version of the previous post and its a ripper, I Love It.


WOW, what a stunning video.

Info from the video site -
2014 Song for Electronic outfit "The Dream Sequence" with the track 'Cyborg in Japan'.
Using mostly 80s synths this dance song was made using Korg iElectribe (Electronic Drums,changes with the song), Roland TB-303 for the classic 'Acid' sound, Metallic Bass Synth (Reverb cranked), Akai iMPC (Clap Echo) and Various Voice Synths for "Robot Effects).
I love anything Science Fiction and Japanese so i decided to mesh the two together... Hopefully with decent results.
Thank you to the owner of the original video (xXMasterI360Xx).

I spoke to Michael about the video release = "Im very happy with it, heaps of robots, i believe their Gundam robots, i love them, the colours, lights, action and their Japanese.
This version of the song is about the third attempt, hope you like, took alot of hours and painkillers to get it where it is... hahaha
Originally i wanted some type of Cyborg for the video but nothing suitable could be found so i went with these awesome looking robots.
I even though about renaming all the music downloads and this video to "Gundam in Japan" but haven't done so yet.
Im finished with it now, time to start on part 2 of this musical experience. Half the new song is finished, its a pop / melody version of this song, not as heavy dance as CYBORG IN JAPAN.
It has sweeping synths and a more pop feel to it, see how it goes.
I also started another song about a month ago as well but it remains unfinished.
Its done the same way as my earlier work, i have used synth sounds from a ELKA SYNTHEX (this synth was used by Duran Duran), it has stunning sounds that i love, i believe its a Italian Synth, i should start working on this song again soon, i hope
I just hope people like the work that i am doing, i love it, some of the synth sounds are heavenly, i could get carried away and rave on for hours about the different sounds you can get from different Synthesizers but i wont.
Might put people to sleep. haha
Thank you to all the fans who have given me positive feedback (and not so positive), i do take it on board, hence the reason that there are now 3 versions of this song, 3rd time lucky, who knows"

Sounds like some great thing happening for THE DREAM SEQUENCE, cant wait.




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