Monday, April 14, 2014


New music from THE DREAM SEQUENCE with a hard edge dance track. Called NIGHTCLUB IN JAPAN it features a metallic sounding synth that gives this song a raw sound....
I love it, sounds kick arse....

I asked Michael about his thoughts regarding this new song = "Its a demo at the moment, i had this sound in my head for a while and working on what i think it sounds like.
I love the 303 acid sound, mix that with a dance beat from a Korg Electribe and a Metal synth sound and its what i image what a Nightclub in Japan would sound like.... Fast and Hard"

He told me there is another version of this song, its not as hard edge as this one, still has the 303, but has more melody to it... Releasing it soon with videos for both as well.

Sounds interesting

cheers Marty

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