Tuesday, April 15, 2014


YESTERDAY i posted a demo from THE DREAM SEQUENCE (Michael Bailey), today i can reveal the finished product.
Renamed CYBORG IN JAPAN, its a killer.

The 303 sound is still there (i love the 303 acid machine) and the metallic synth has been turned down a bit, it even features robotic vocals.

I spoke to Michael quickly today as he spent all day recording and editing this track, i asked him what does he think about Cyborg in Japan?
"Its Awesome, I really like it. For about a year now i have had this sound in my head how i want a dance song to sound, a garage dance song, dirty and loud with a hint of robotics or cyborg... bit of Science fiction if you will, i just hope people like it... Its taken me about a year to create my dream. well i like it"

Its very futuristic, and danceable (is that a word?)

A video is in the pipeline..

*** A new version called 'the dub version' has been done with a awesome video, i shall put up soon.
Michael stated that he thought that this version lacked something so he has re-edited and added a video...cant wait :)   *******************

Stay tuned



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